Thursday, October 7, 2010

$3 Thursday… Is that a spider in my plant???

I shared a frame like this a couple months ago when I made one for my partner at Swap-Bot in a Dollar store swap.   It was a swap where you pick up an item from a dollar store and re-make it over re-vamp it into some a bit more attractive.  



I started out with an acrylic frame.  I’ve had this one for a while and never used it for what I originally intended.  It was perfect to make into a Halloween frame.



Last year after Halloween I picked up this vinyl spider and ‘eek!’ for a dollar.  I always like the look of all the vinyl words and images you can get at the craft sale but I usually balk at the price.   Luckily this one was marked down from $4.99 to $1.00.  Yep, only one dollar….. mine for that price.  


I put him (I’m pretty sure a spider had to be male) on top of my tv.  You can see him peeking out from behind my hens and chicks I just planted in this holder and brought inside. 


Speaking of my hens and chicks.   Can you tell which one is ‘red’ and which is ‘green’?  I can tell they are different but red and green?  I’m not sure about that. 


The ‘red’ one is the one of the left.   Where is the ‘red’??  I can see a hint of blue and I guess if I look very close there is a smidgen of red on the tips but that is it.   I see more red on the one on the right.

Or how about these two?  Which one is ‘red’??  If they didn’t ship at different times I don’t think I would know which to call ‘red’ and which one green.


See the ‘red’  on the one of the left?  That is not the red one!   Boy, I can’t believe the ones I bought as ‘green’ have more red on them than the ‘red’ ones.  The red ones I saw in the catalog were so dark they looked purple.  Here is the catalog red. 




Wow, so not what I got……

I asked my sister who has quiet a few succulents and asked if the red should be red and she was surprised I couldn’t really see any red on them.  


I called the company I bought them from and the nice lady there said she ordered them and they definitely had red to them.  She thought maybe as they grew a bit they might turn a bit more red.  

I will say  that they did offer to ship more red ones out to replace what I got.   The nice lady put an order in for them but didn’t think they would ship until the spring.  She only asked that I call back if these turn more red before the replacement ones ship.  That was nice and I will gladly call them back if they turn red.  I’ve only had them a few days so time will tell if they are indeed ‘red’ hens and chicks. 


Sorry for my little tangent about my hens and chicks.  Thinking about it, maybe today was a good day to talk about them… they were $3.33 each or $9.99 for three and I bought two sets so I spent $20 on red chicks that don’t really look red.  

Yep, back to the spider by my plants.


I added goggle eyes I had on hand to the vinyl.


I had all of the supplies on hand for this project.

Acrylic frame –  $1.00

Vinyl spider and eek – $1.00

Paper – on hand

Google eyes – on hand

Total cost:  $2.00 plus supplies.

I’ll probably share this with some of these parties

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