Tuesday, October 12, 2010

104 buildings and 130 trees later…..


I’m finally done.


I don’t color.

Really, I usually love to stamp but I don’t color in the images.  I just don’t do it.


I love and appreciate the work that others do but I just can’t do it.   Well, usually I can’t do it.

I gave it my best shot.


I’m done after 13 colored cars, 12 colored campers, 39 wheels, 39 bushes, 104 buildings and 130 trees.   Oh, and don’t even get me started on stamping all the dates on the calendar…. why didn’t I find a calendar page with the numbers already on them??

I can’t really believe that I took on such a project.  It started out innocently enough.   I joined a calendar swap a couple months ago.   Each of us takes one month, makes 13 of the same design and we all end up with a completed calendar. 


I did it a couple years ago and liked seeing all the different pages I got.  I thought I could do it again.  There was a change from when I said I would join so I got a different month than what I was expecting.


So, my relatively simple idea was out the door and I had to come up with a new idea.  Boy, did I pick something out of my comfort range…. images that really need to be colored.  Oh, and I couldn’t pick up one image that needed to be colored but FOUR of them!


Four is not so bad but when you need to do it 13 times it gets to be a whole production.

What was I thinking???


Oh yeah, I wanted a new calendar but only wanted to have to design one page of it.



Well I do love my completed pages and I hope that the people who see it know how much work went into me coloring all of these images.

If I could only hop into the camper and get away from it all.  I know I’d love to stay in the camper I colored…I love the silver glitter and blue color.


I’m mailing off my pages today and should have a completed calendar back to me in about a month.  I can’t wait to see what everyone else did.

What have you been doing that is out of your comfort level??


  1. AWESOME calendar page!!! For someone who doesn't color they sure look wonderful!I'm sure your ladies will love them!

  2. You've really got me cracking up! I like your page!

  3. OMGosh! Your calendar is great and the story with it is just a HOOT! LOVE it!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post ... for one who does not like to color you did a GREAT job!

  5. What a story - and I think your coloring is great - sometimes we doubt ourselves - (me included).

  6. This post cracked me up! TFS your wonderful calender page and your fun story!


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