Thursday, February 9, 2012

$3 Thursday – sign of the time

I haven’t really had time to craft much but I did snap a few pictures of valentine decor I have around our apartment.   Most of the items are from last year but a few are new and most were made for $3 or less.


A chipboard album I covered and made into an accordion display.


Quick and simple game pieces wishing hugs and kisses -  XO XO.  I forget the name of the game that these came from, it has only X, O or blank on the dice.


Decorated tags attached to more accordion folded cardstock.


Scrabble tiles with a valentine sentiment.


Yes I still have up our gingerbread houses.  I went all out and made a Cookie Crisp wall as well as a cereal tile roof, Carmel Fiber One I believe.


Another gingerbread house, a bit simpler than the loaded one above.


I love these little trees I bought last fall, they make cute seasonal trees.


I have a trio of these frames from the dollar spot of Target last year.  The layered hearts were from the dollar spot as well.  I love seeing what kind of inexpensive seasonal items they have, you can find some great items to craft with for a dollar.


I’ve changed out the insert in this frame for just about every season.  I download this love verse from The Girl Creative.  Please check out her blog here if you want to download this for yourself.  


I’ve kept this message on my chalkboard for a couple months, the sentiment still speaks to me.


More game tiles.  You can see a bit of the large jar I have of various game pieces.


I still love the stamped balls I made last year although this year they are not a jar of balls of last year!


I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of the pink to red part of my ribbon jars.  I had hoped I would have used more of this ribbon by now but I’m still glad I organized some of my ribbon and fibers in jars that make a pretty display.


And what appears to be my most popular valentine item, mini ornate frames.  I noticed that they were pinned over 100 times!  I have a feeling that I should have had stock in Michaels over these…. :)


And to not have all the signs be valentine related, a Be Kind message that I think is a good motto.

I hope you enjoyed a little peak to the signs of valentine items in our apartment.


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  1. I LOVE all of these ideas! I may have to go back to the craft stores to get some more items to get back to decorating. These are just too cute. And so original!

  2. Very cute decorations. I am envious of your game pieces. I keep going to thrift stores looking but so far no luck!


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