Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zebra’s, Apple’s and Flowers, oh my

Since one of my sisters mentioned that I’ve been showing too many cards and I haven’t seemed to finish any other crafts lately I thought I’d share some cookies I made and decorated yesterday.


I zebra patterned flower?  Isn’t there a saying about flowers coming in all shapes and sizes, so why not zebra print?

The hardest part of this flower was cutting the edible paper to the size of the cookie.  I thought the cookie cutter would work but this stuff is just too tough to cut cleanly through it.  There are lots of patterns of edible papers that can be used as decorations on cookies or cakes, just look in the cake decoration isle of your local craft store and you too can make your own zebra print flowers.100_9171

I don’t have any leaf shapes so I thought apples would be the closest fall themed shape that I had to decorate.


I decided to make a couple flowers that were in a more traditional color.


Since I only made white, red and green icing I thought I’d made a plaid of sort decorated cookie.


I like to decorate a few cookies without a full frosting base since sometimes I find the sugar cookie and glaze frosting can be a bit too sweet.


For this last cookie I just started drawing a few leaves and kept going until I had this abstract, poinsettia type flower.

Do you decorate cookies just for Christmas or for other holiday as well?


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