Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby it’s cold outside….

So cold that I decided that it was finally time to bring in a couple of my succulent planters for the year.


Both of these planters really filled out this year.


I love how full they are and the great colors that the cooler weather brought.


I had only hen and chicks when I started these planters but thanks to one of my sisters who answered my request earlier in the year she brought me some of her plants to add in to the planters.


What a great mix of colors and textures.


I few of the trailing ones have been trimmed back and added back into the planter to fill it out a bit more.


My favorite is this hen and chick that was almost a hot pink for while.  I found it tucked underneath the edge of the container and pulled it out.  It was a very bright green but once it was out in the sun it quickly turned a great pinkish-red color.


This yellow one has a slightly peach hue to it – very eye catching.

100_9144 My smaller planter has a few plants that are a deep reddish-purple color.

As a reminder here was the planters earlier this summer when they were mostly green.



And now the after – full of color.


Hopefully I can over-winter these planters inside my apartment without too much difficulty.  Last year a few of my hen and chicks didn’t survive inside.  Hopefully this year will be a better year for them as I’d love to see these planters keep growing and transforming.


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