Thursday, June 2, 2011

$3 Thursdays – Flower power

I know it has been a while since I posted something crafty.  I wasn’t sure what I could whip up on short notice today until I saw this bouquet of flowers at the grocery store.


There was a whole cart of similar arrangements, all in red, white and blues. Hmm, I wonder why they are on sale???


I didn’t look at the regular price but I think they are usually $6.99 or more.  Quite often I see some flower arrangements at a discount.  I think they are a steal at $1.99 and perfect flowers to bring a bit of color to my patio table.

The last ones I bought seemed to last a long time outside.  I’m not sure if the cooler weather helped them survive or it was the fact that they were outside and any color, even it was slightly wilted and weathered looked good, from the inside at least.

100_7520I started with this carrier that was looking a bit bare. 

100_7519 Not so bare now.


I separated the white.


Kept the red and blue together.


A little more white…


With a bit of trimming and trimming again there is a bit of color to the table.

No special arranging skills needed.  I just popped them in some cut off water and juice bottles.


I’m hoping they might attract a hummingbird or two.  I hung a hummingbird feeder but I don’t think they have found it yet and I did see one the last time I had flowers on the table.

I will warn you, beware of the color…. I now have a few blue thumb and fingers.

100_7526 I guess the coloring was a bit too much for the leaves and they were a bit wilted and soaked up too much color.


Discount Flower arrangement              $1.99

Water bottles with tops cut off             free

Craft scissors                          on hand

Water                        free

Soap  - to wash off the blue…… :)

Total cost of color for a week:    $1.99 (plus a bonus of blue fingers)



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