Thursday, June 23, 2011

$3 Thursday – Free replacement plants

Last year I shared a few pictures of some hens and chicks that I bought online. 

I bought green ones and a few red ones.  The green ones came in the summer and the fall ones came in the fall.  I was sort of disappointed that the red ones didn’t come with the green ones and when they did come they were not what I would call red at all.  Nothing near the picture I saw online. 

I planted most of the green ones in this strainer and added a few red ones in the fall.  I think I added two red plants.  Can you find them?


Here’s a close up…. the bright green one, yep that was one that came as a ‘red’ plant.


Regardless of my dissapointement in the color at least I’ve gotten a lot of babies or ‘chicks’


I’m happy to say the I got lots of chicks last year and am getting more again this year.


Now although these chicks are essentially free plants I did call the company last fall when I got my ‘red’ plants that were green, in fact a lot greener than my ‘green’ plants.

They offered to send replacements in the spring and I said I would call if my red plants that were green changed to red like I expected so the order could be cancelled.


They never did change to the red I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised this spring to get the replacement red hen and chicks that actually had a red color to them and they are doing wonderful.

The two larger hens in this pot are the replacements that I got this spring.  They are doing wonderful and are red!  Definitely more what I was expecting when I ordered them.

I’m very pleased with my replacement plants – all from a 10-15 minute phone call to customer service to ask about the lack of color last fall.  The other two plants are chicks that ‘fell’ off of a container I gave my Mom for Mother’s day…. oops. ;) 


Although I didn’t buy any plants online this year I would definitely buy plants again since I got a great response to my questioning the color of my original plants.

No chicks yet from my replacement plants.  My hens I got last spring had chicks in July so I’ll be watching for chicks in my replacement hens next month. 


Red hens and chicks that are actually red -   Free!


It was nice to get good customer service from companies.  I’ve contacted a few companies lately when products weren’t what I expected and have received a response from all and coupons for replacement products or actual replacements.

I guess the moral of the story is to call or write companies if you are not completely pleased with their products.

Heck, let them know if you like them too, I’m sure positive feedback is appreciated as well.



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