Monday, May 16, 2011

My 25 cent couch

Got attention?

What type of couch can you get for a mere quarter?

Sure, you see free couches but they are probably out on the side of the road for a reason, the springs are shot, it is stained or covered with cat hair.

Not this one.

I could see the potential right away.

Now to get the supplies to stuff it and find just the right place for it.

How many places can there be for a couch?

Well plenty when this is my new couch.


See, isn’t it cute?

To give you a size perspective….

Couch on couch:


Couch on book:


Couch on chair:


Couch on patio:


Couch on patio table:


Well worth my quarter.  Well, actually $1.25 if I add in the $1 entrance I paid to an indoor garage sale I bought it at this weekend. 

It was the only thing I bought at the garage sale.  I had meant to go back to a booth that has some plants but I forgot until I was almost to my car and I decided not to go back for a few plants.  Maybe it was the 5 flights of stairs I would have had to walk down and then back up again.  Ok, maybe 2 1/2 flights of stairs, I counted each landing.  I guess I’m just lazy like that….

I’m thinking I might try to fill it with moss and a little bit of dirt.  I’m thinking I might transplant a few hens and chicks and maybe some moss if I can find some – I would love to have a living couch.  Now I’d be a bit closer to a finished project if I wasn’t too lazy to go back and pick up plants at the indoor garage sale.


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  1. Oh, aren't you the funny one, June! I love your wire couch, and I think the hen and chick idea is just perfect! Then it could be a couch for garden fairies:)


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