Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patty’s Day Cookies

I can finally day that I did a St. Patrick Day craft.




I apologize for the poor pictures but it is dark out and I wanted to get pictures taken so I could post about my cookies.


Not bad if I do say so myself for a skull turned leprechaun.


Easter egg leprechaun.


And not to be outdone, the circle leprechaun.


Are you feeling lucky?


I couldn’t decorate cookies without a little disco dust.


I made a few flower cookies out of my chocolate chip dough so it wasn’t all green.

Not as nice as I hoped but not too bad.


I think I’m just disappointed in the icing.  I decided to try royal icing again.  Well, a version of royal icing with a bit of corn syrup that was suppose to make the frosting a bit shiner than normal royal icing.  I’m not sold on this icing.  Back to the corn syrup icing for next time.  I wish the corn syrup icing wasn’t quite so sweet.  But then again maybe because I make a lot of chocolate chip cookies that make the cookie extra sweet.  I guess I just love the shine that I can get when I use it.

I’m planning on shipping a few of these to my goddaughter at college and taking a few to share with my sisters on our crafting weekend starting on St. Patty’s day.  Maybe I’ll have to see how the frosting holds up and taste tests before I completely dismiss it. 

If anyone has a icing recipe you swear by please pass it on to me.  I’m willing to try a new recipe and see how it works for me.


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  1. These are wonderful. I haven't had breakfast yet and I do believe they're making me drool. I think they are adorable and your icing looks perfect to me. Thanks for sharing these taste treats and for visiting with me.

  2. How cute are these? I love the leprechaun's!! Great job!

  3. Awesome Cookies! Thanks for liking up!


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