Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recent thrifty finds

I haven’t shared many of my thrifty finds lately so thought it was time to post some.  Here are some of my finds from this week. 

It was quite a box of goodies.


A large wall pocket, a couple taper holders and some frames.


I’m not sure but it looks like the wall pocket has has two makeovers already.  It was tan on the inside…


and a light purple on the outside.  Purple, really?   I’m glad that I don’t have a home that I light purple wall pocket would fit in.


I must be channeling my inner Donna, I found another Syroco piece.  This one a taper holder.  I love the details of this piece and the fact that it holds two candles.


I looked at a pair of these frames last week but wasn’t sure how easy it would be to turn into a corkboard or chalkboard because of the backing.  This week there was only one left and it was half off so I knew I needed to grab it.  I’ll figure out how I will transform this frame and hang it later.


Look at the details.  This frame is plastic not wood but I sometimes like that as they are so lightweight and easier to hang with 3M Command Adhesive strips.


I found some great metal frames too.


I especially love the details of the smaller one.  The larger ones have a sort of funny texture that I thought was just grease and dust but I couldn’t get it to come off when I cleaned it.  I might try to soak them for a longer time to see if I can get a smoother finish.

100_6264 I don’t usually pick up pillar holders but this one just called to me.  I love the fact that it is graduated for different size candles.  It is 6 inches wide.


It is cold today, below zero this morning and not warm enough for me to get out the spray paint.  Tomorrow it is suppose to be around 30 so I might just try to get a little painting dome on my recent finds so I can use them around my apartment of list them in my etsy store

I did list a couple fun, retro owl items today.


This ceramic owl that I painted solid white.


This owl called out to me this past summer.  I couldn’t resist but it did need to go into quarantine for quite a while because of all the bug holes in it.  I didn’t want to bring any critters into my apartment.

What thrifty finds have you found lately?




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  1. I love finding things at thrift stores to repurpose!! I need to get busy and get mine posted.. lol

  2. I love the metal frames best of all ! :)
    my daughter of course would love the white owl.



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