Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My new purse

 Look what I found today.

Isn't she beautiful?
Sorry about the bad pictures but this is the best I could get.

I love her.
A purse have to be a her, right??

Can't you see me with it?
I know I can. 

Well, I could if money isn't an issue.
It all started out innocently enough.
I have a DSW coupon that expires in a few days so I decided to take a look.
I started out in the sandal clearance section.
Nothing grabbed my attention.
So..... on to the handbags.
And this lovely gal.
Oh, she would be mine if she wasn't $1,400.00!!
Well, actually only $1,399.95.
It is a savings of $595.05.
So, I could save almost $600 buying this??
If only.

Minus my $15 coupon and it is still a little WAY over my budget.

Seriously, why is the first purse that literally jumped out at me one that I can only dream of?

Soooooo, if anyone is looking for a gift for me .......

Happily dreaming,

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