Sunday, September 19, 2010

Junk Bonanza – part 1

  Thursday I was lucky enough to go to the Junk Bonanza at Canterbury Downs in Shakopee Minnesota.
I thought I would share some of the wonderful ‘junk’ I found there.
I thought these light bulb bugs were very cute.
Hey, this looks familiar…. I have it on my patio.


Luckly I didn’t pay this much for it.

Anyone want to buy mine for $39??


I think I just picked up these same skulls at the dollar store.  Now all I need is some moss to make this display.  I already have a large pickle jar.


I have lots of game tiles – I think I’ll make a Halloween display with them.  I like the mis-matched pieces that were used here.


What a great idea- I think I’ll make some notebooks with the old Little Golden books I have.


Oh, I have game boards too that I would love to make into notebooks like these.


I absolutely loved this loveseat.

I could not have imagined a tub made into a loveseat.

What a great retro look.


Aqua, black and white.  What a great look.


I’ll share more pictures later this week.

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  1. How fun! I want to go look through someone's "junk" I LOVE doing that. We had a thing at my church last month where everyone got to bring stuff they didn't want any more and we got to take what ever we wanted for free! It was awesome and I scored two trash bags full of stuff. :) Coming to you from Trendy Treehouse


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