Monday, January 23, 2012

A trip to the mall and a jackpot

This past weekend I dropped my daughter off at the mall so I had a few hours to myself to do a little browsing.  I really didn’t plan on spending much if any money as my budget  is rather tight right now.

I did however have $10 left from a gift card to Tuesday Morning so I decided to make that one of the stores I stopped at.  They had new paper in stock and I narrowed it down to 4 packs at $1.99 each.  Really how can you resist 25 sheets of 12 X 12 papers for 2 bucks?


It really is more paper than I need as I have bookshelves of paper but what’s a little more?  Three of the papers have yellow in them and I found a pack of matching ribbon for only $1.99.


Even if I use only a few sheets I think the packs are worth it as usually paper at my local craft stores is $.59 to $.99 for the plain cardstock or thin pattern paper and the detailed or glittered paper is $1.49 to $2.49 a sheet. Two of the packs I bought have glitter on them and one had embossed images. Score!


The papers all have a solid background so they are perfect papers for my card making.  I can use the solid and pattern as coordinating layers.

I think the papers and ribbon was a great use of the rest of my holiday money.

The last store I decided to stop at was Michael’s and – JACKPOT – 90% off the remaining fall and Christmas items.  The last time I was there it was 70% off and I was happy with the frames that I used for the Mini Love Frames at $.45 each.

There were no frames left since I pretty bought them all before but I did find some other great items.   Most will be used as card accents but I did find some great coasters as well that I’ll recover in some recycled leather and add them to my Etsy store.

Please forgive the bad pictures but here is the loot…


Can you believe I picked up 42 items for $8.44!!  Whoo Hoo.  That keeps in the spirit of not spending much and getting a lot of new things to play with.


I loved these rhinestone accents – I even used one on a card already for a order of thank you cards that I mailed out today.  I only wish there were more of them, I dug through and picked out all of the thanks and left the fall and autumn words that were there since I wasn’t sure how I’d use them.


I restrained myself and only bought two or each of the rub on packs.  I love the antique feel to them and think they will make great accents on cards.


I always love rhinestone accents but only one of the packs was from the 90% off, the others were just over half off.  The snowflake buttons will make great accents after I snip off the button shank.


I have a few packs of coasters but these Christmas print ones are a lot thicker than most so I think they will make great bases for my recycled leather coasters.


These envelope seals are fun and I think a little rub and buff will transform them into metallic beauties.100_9280

I love finding silk flower accents.  They are easy to take apart and use the blooms on my cards and usually save me quite a of money and are a bit more unique than the ones in the scrapbook section.

I guess I have my daughter to thank for all the great deals I found this weekend.  For under $20 I got a ton of craft supplies.  Don’t overlook the holiday clearance section if you don’t need more holiday decorations, you never know what you will find and how easy it will be to transform into something beautiful.

I didn’t plan on going shopping and wouldn’t have unless she wanted to go to the mall for a bit to hang out with her friends, but I’m glad I did.



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