Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween decor

I can’t believe I haven’t shared any pictures of my Halloween decor.  It is probably because I didn’t make anything new this year but I did decorate a bit different from last year.


For some reason I love my painted softball that I tucked into a broken lamp.


Last year I made a bone and attempted a skull with some paper pulp and glue.


I filled an old enamelware pan with some Spanish moss and skulls.  It looks like skulls crawling out of a graveyard.


I wasn’t sure on the location of the Trick or Treat vinyl so I just stuck the whole sheet up on the wall.  I bought it last year on clearance after Halloween. Maybe next year I’ll have the perfect spot for it but for now I’m happy with it as it is.


I still love this Halloween art I made from rub-ons and some ribbon.

100_9025   100_9028

The mini enamelware dish was a 10 cent garage sale find and it is the perfect size for some of my scrabble tiles.100_9030

The pumpkin and coffins were freebies I bought out again.


I love the cover of this book.  I can’t say I remember reading it when I was younger but I do remember pouring through the Scholastic order forms from elementary school and hoping I could order a book or two.


This friendly witch sits on a scale by my front door.  Now that I think of it the front door has been sticking lately so maybe she is not so friendly.


Thanks for taking a look at some of my fall and Halloween decor items.


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  1. I love the white frame with words....might have to do something like that some day. I didn't put out ANY....not one...Halloween decoration this year. Maybe next year.... lol ... oh ya! Next year the haunted house!!! :-)

  2. Saw you on TT&J. I love the painted softball. I also like that you can change the message on your scrabble holder for different seasons. I've never seen that vintage book before. I'll have to go look it up because I love collecting children's books.

  3. This is a really awesome .. Love it :)) Officially following ya with smiles..Lovely creative blog you have here..Found you over at weekend wrap up...I'm Marilyn and would LOVE for you to stop in and visit sometime.. -- Wishing you a lovely weekend..

  4. What cute and fun Halloween ideas!


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