Friday, July 8, 2011

$3 Thursday – Short and Sweet card set

I was on a quest to make some ‘girly’ birthday cards lately and after seeing a sample I liked I made it my own and came up with this set of cards.

000_0001_00 All of the cards have a tan card base and layers of brown, green and pink cardstock.

000_0002_00I used some scrap papers to add some pattern to the cards. 

000_0003_00I added ribbons, pearls or rhinestones for a little extra pizzazz. 

000_0004_00  I colored with my chalk pencils and added a bit of shimmer spray to some of the images.

000_0005_00  000_0006_00  000_0007_00  000_0008_00  000_0009_00

In an effort to use some of tags I made a few cards with sentiments on tags.


I used walnut ink on white flowers and ribbons to match the tone of the tag and cardstocks I used.



5 sheets tan cardstock          $.20 each*

2 1/2 sheets brown cardstock          $.20 each*

2 1/2 sheets green cardstock          $.20 each*

2 1/2 sheets pink cardstock          $.20 each*

Pattern paper scraps               Craft supply

Tags                     Craft supply

Flower                 Craft supply

Rhinestones          Craft supply

Ribbons               Craft supply

Chalk pencils         Craft supply

Finished project:  10 cards

 Total cost $2.50 plus craft supplies

* I estimated the cardstock at $.20 a sheet although I think some was less than that.  Generally I can find plain cardstock at $.20 a sheet or less.

I’m hoping to keep up my creative streak as my on hand stock has been dwindling.  I’ll be mailing out over 100 cards this week from orders from my Etsy Store.  I’m happy for the sales but seriously need to make more cards as I’ll be out of a some card types.

Here’s to hoping the creativity keeps flowing.



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  1. I love this card set! The colors pop off each other. The 100 cards blow me away. You've been busy!


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